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Is Infrared Heating Safe?

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Infrared heaters are becoming a very popular heater in the UK. Old style convection heaters like radiators heat the air in a room but infrared heaters warm objects, such as people, directly. This makes them very efficient.

Infrared heat is a type of electromagnetic radiation but infrared heating is 100% safe. The word radiation often worries people and some forms of electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. These types such as ultraviolet and x-rays are harmful. But visible light (that we see with our eyes) is also a type of electromagnetic radiation. Visible light is 100% safe in the same way that infrared light is!

Infrared is actually the type of heat we receive from the sun. Infrared heaters are therefore a very effective heating mechanism. Infrared heating systems are increasingly becoming a popular heating solution in the UK. Shortwave infrared heat is very useful for ourdoor infrared heaters and longwave heat panels which emit no light are often used indoors.

For more in depth information on What is Infrared Heat read our blog article

Our range of infrared heating solutions can be found here.

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