How Long Will The Lamps Last?

High quality lamps manufactured using the latest technology and materials such as our quartz infrared lamps with a tungsten filament should last for 5000 – 7000 hours of use.

Having said that, it is possible for a lamp to be damaged and you would be very lucky if the lamp still worked after being hit by a football.

To get the longest possible life from your lamp, keep the lamp clean, for example remove bird droppings or other dirt (if you have an IPx5 rated lamp, you can use a hose), otherwise use a damp cloth – don’t forget to turn off the power. If you dismantle the heater and remove the lamp for any reason, make sure when you reassemble the heater that you don’t leave any grease (fingerprints) on the glass to prevent hot spots.

Keeping the lamp in good clean condition will help you achieve the maximum life span of your lamp.

The quality of the lamp dictates the original price of your heater and there are of course, cheaper lamps available on the market. The reason these heaters are cheaper is that they have lower quality lamps, which are not going to last anywhere near as long as 5000 – 7000 hours.

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