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Shadow Industral Infrared Heating Infinity Triple heater in warehouse

Crafting Quality Infrared Heating Solutions for Industry

Unlike traditional convection heaters, hi-tech new infrared heating systems instantly warm people exactly where and when they are working. The days of heating an entire workplace when only a fraction of it is in use at any given time are over.

Infrared heating systems provide carbon-efficient, controllable heating – with massive energy savings.

With coverage from 50m2 to 5,000m2, this state-of-the-art new heating technology is perfect for all indoor open spaces – from small workshops to the largest factory and warehouse complexes.

Shadow Industrial is a leading manufacturer in this heating revolution, with a range of infrared heating solutions boasting Ultra Low Glare technology that is designed for large spaces.

The heaters can be used individually, combined into large pods or used as heating modules to build solutions capable of heating larger industrial sites. The sizes of installation and variability is truly limitless. With the development of advanced control systems that are either wired or operated by radio, maximum energy efficiency is achieved.

The result, in most cases, is heating energy reductions of 60-90%

Shadow Industrial Infrared heating solutions were developed for use in:

Shadow Industral Infrared Heating Infinity Triple heater in warehouse
Shadow Industral Infrared Heating Infinity Triple heater in warehouse
Shadow Industral Infrared Heating Infinity Triple heater in warehouse
Shadow Industral Infrared Heating Infinity Triple heater in warehouse

What is 'zonal' heating and why is it a game-changer for UK businesses?

With traditional convection heaters, installations in large open spaces are typically spread out to provide warmth across the entire space. In most cases, a thermostat will turn them all on at once, as needed, in order to keep all of the air in the building at a steady, workable, temperature. This is incredibly inefficient if you consider the total energy that will be needed to keep a warehouse at a constant 18-20 degrees. The issue is all the more wasteful if there are only a handful of people working in one small part of the building. Zonal heating is a brand new concept that gives managers of commercial premises and other large spaces the option to heat different zones within their workspace as and when they have people working in each particular area. This can only be done with electric infrared heaters. That's because infrared systems do not heat the air, they heat the individuals below them.

The problem with convection heaters in factories and warehouses

With a traditional convection heating system, turning off the heat where no one is working simply lowers the overall ambient temperature of the whole premises – so everyone suffers. When you install individually controllable infrared heaters and split a workspace into zones, the energy can be focused on the precise areas it is needed, when it’s needed.

The heat is felt instantly.

A 5,000m2 space can easily be split into 10-20 zones that reflect the needs of the workspace. A series of workstations along the eastern wall of the building, for example, may be in near-constant use and their heating requirements rarely change. It may, therefore, be appropriate to designate this space as a single zone. The correct number of electric infrared heaters would then be installed to provide that zone's precise needs. Other parts of the space can be similarly zoned off, with managers maintaining full individual heating control for each one. The net result is lower fuel bills, a reduced carbon footprint – and an end to inefficient, maintenance-heavy, 'traditional' systems working around the clock to try and maintain a site-wide comfortable temperature.

Infrared heating Vs traditional convection heating

  • Installing a Shadow Industrial infrared system is more affordable than fitting a traditional convection system in many cases and requires no maintenance.
  • In many large premises, 70-90% of the space does not need to be heated at any given time. Traditional convection heating gives you zero flexibility: it is either all on or all off.
  • Infrared heat does not disperse in draughty areas or when next to open doors/shutters. It also works outdoors.
  • Many legacy heating systems have no controller other than a timer or on-off switch. As a result, warehouse temperatures can become needlessly high – at an incredible cost.
  • Sensors can be fitted to infrared systems so that the heating automatically switches off when no one is present.
  • Installing infrared heating can be one of the easiest ways to accelerate how quickly you meet your energy reduction and decarbonisation targets.

Contact us for a tailored assessment of your premises and the potential savings you could make.


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