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Lets Talk About Infrared Heat

Let's talk about infrared heaters

Infrared lamps, much like the sun, radiate heat onto the people below them. The air in the vicinity will stay the same temperature, whilst people within the space will feel warmed, making them an ideal weatherproof heater choice for outdoor spaces.

Short Wave Infrared Patio Heaters

The absolute best choice for most people's outdoor heating needs is short-wave infrared heater as the lamp reaches full temperature almost immediately and is the hottest option.

Shortwave infrared haters work by heating the object/people it touches and not the surrounding air. This means there is no heat wasted, making these range of heaters very energy efficient.

A popular choice for patio areas, conservatories and summer houses.

Medium Wave Infrared Patio Heaters

Next up we have medium wave lamps which still boast a speedy start up time (usually under 10 seconds), but with a lower heat output of 900C and reduced efficiency.

Perfect for most sheltered outdoor spaces, such as
in-closed pergolas, summer houses and sheltered patio areas, our range of medium wave infrared heaters work by heating the surrounding air.

Carbon lamps such as the Shadow Diffusion Wall Heater, Shadow Table Top Pro and the Shadow Diffusion Guadalupa, typically provide medium wave heat.

Long Wave Infrared Patio Heaters

Finally, long-wave infrared heaters work by heating the surrounding air and are capable of penetrating long distance.

The Shadow Noir range of heaters provide longwave infrared heat with the added benefit of zero light levels, making them a popular choice with restaurants, cafes and pubs.

These long wave heaters are not as energy efficient as short and medium wave units , however their zero light functionality is a much-loved feature with our customers and especially architects for their aesthetic.


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