Free Standing Electric Patio Heaters

Free Standing Patio Heaters are a flexible and moveable alternative to wallmounted models, providing the user with much more versatility regarding where your patio heater is situated in relation to your guests or customers. A freestanding patio heater also allows you to vary the heat on your guests by simply moving the heater closer or further from the users. Many of our customers also like the fact that the heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors negating the need for more than one heater.

At Heat Outdoors we will be happy to discuss the best free standing heater configuration for you and your needs whether for your home, work or commercial property.

We are all familiar with the traditional free standing gas patio heaters, so what makes these Outdoor Electric Patio heaters so appealing? Well the answer is quite simple. By not using gas bottles, free standing electric heaters are simple to maintain, cost effective to run with excellent green credentials. Imagine, no heavy gas bottles to lug about and store! Electric Radiant Outdoor Heaters are so effective - they heat you in a similar way to the sun, but without any harmful UV rays. Infrared warms instantly, giving the feeling of comfort from the moment they are switched on. There is no wasteful heating of the air, and infrared is unaffected by draughts, heating just the surfaces it meets. You will soon wonder how you managed without. For additional help or advice please don't hesitate to call us.

  • Infrared heating is safe - No pressurised gas bottles or cylinder storage problems.
  • Electric Heat is silent allowing you to enjoy peace and quite on your patio.
  • Electric Outdoor Heat is clean, no smells and almost maintenance free.
  • Electric Outdoor Heat is compact, clean and simple to operate.
  • Electric Outdoor Heat warms instantly at the speed of light.
  • Electric Outdoor Heat is efficient with no wasteful heating of the air, it warms the surfaces that it meets and is unaffected by draughts, just like the sun but without the harmful UV.
  • Most of all you will find Electric Outdoor Heat heating economical with extremely low running costs over two thirds cheaper than gas.