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“The Best Patio Heater, Bar None” – The Shadow Fatboy 2.4kW Mega Heat Patio Heater

“The best patio heater, bar none”.

That is the view of YouTube gadget reviewer, Arlo Guthrie, who recently tried out our Shadow Fatboy 2.4kW Mega Heat Patio Heater. Arlo, had started off with a Shadow Diffusion heater, however, after consulting with us, upgraded to the Fatboy 2.4kW as it better suited his needs.

What is the Shadow Fatboy 2.4kw Patio Heater?

The Shadow FatBoy is the world’s most powerful single lamp short wave Patio Heater. The FatBoy is the latest from the Shadow Patio Heater range and features an oversized parabolic reflector, providing a huge heat output from just a single 2.4kW lamp. Its amazing power can be used to allow it to be mounted up to 3.5M high and still give an impressive performance.

The Shadow FatBoy Patio Heater is the perfect patio heater for larger spaces or somewhere were mounting multiple longer heaters is an issue. The infrared heat provided by short wave lamps heat objects rather than the air so it isn't a problem if the wind is blowing as the stunning heat performance will not be lost. The Shadow FatBoy is also IP65 rated so rainproof and suitable for mounting in most outdoor environments.

What does Arlo Guthrie think of the Shadow Fatboy?

Arlo, was impressed by the fact that the Shadow Fatboy is able to disperse its heat across the whole of his garden seating area, despite the heater only being 55.5cm in width. Even on the lowest setting, Arlo was able to sit in the garden “comfortably” on a chilly evening in just a t-shirt and shorts. On the highest setting, the Shadow Fatboy’s impressive heat “was nearly enough to take (his) eyebrows off”.

Watch the full review below or visit Arlo’s YouTube channel Shadow FatBoy review.


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