Tansun Apollo Range

Commercial and Industrial Indoor Heating from Tansun.

Tansun have been manufacturing the Apollo series of heaters for over 25 years. They have been used in many installations, both commercial and industrial, including churches, factories, warehouses and halls around the world during that time. Tansun have now evolved the Apollo series further to include the new Recess Apollo. This heater is designed to fit into the cieling to create warm inviting commercial buildings.

The Apollo is available with 7 different heat output options ranging from 1kW to 12kW, Tansun Apollo electric infrared heaters are the ultimate choice for larger applications where heating the whole area is impossible, impractical or simply too expensive.

With fuel prices at an all time high, cheaper, greener and more efficient heating options are now needed and indoor infrared heating is the future. Traditionally heat rushes out and cold air enters whenever doors are opened in a building, Because radiant quartz heaters only warm people and objects and not the air in between, they easily overcome this problem maximizing comfort and minimizing wasted heat, energy and money.

Made of sturdy lightweight aluminium, the unit has an ivory finish that will compliment whatever area it is placed in. Mounting hardware is included with this heater, so heat can beam down from high above. Meaning you can work in a comfortable indoor setting regardless of what the temperature is outside! Alternatively the Beaver and Spotter offer excellent portable floor standing flexibility