Nightclubs, Casinos & Bars

Making the most of your outdoor area is a must. Seating areas and smoking zones should be in keeping with your establishment; warm and friendly. The smoking ban has been a blessing and a curse to many bars and clubs; but it does not have to be a negative impact to your business providing you create a welcoming environment for people to enjoy. The range of infrared heaters supplied by Heat Outdoors provides a plethora of stylish solutions. Heater controllers mean you can adapt the heater to work as and when you want it to saving you money and utilising an area that may have been redundant as many of our happy customers have discovered.

Our customers include many popular, well known establishments including cafes, casinos, hotels, restaurants, football clubs and more. We list many of our happy customers here and encourage you to get in touch, and join these prestigous companies by treating your outlet to some of our fantastic products.

The Arts Club The Arts Club
The Cavalry and Guards Club The Cavalry and Guards Club
Crockfords Club and Casino Crockfords Club and Casino
Eight Club Eight Club
Maddox Club Maddox Club
Funky BuddahFunky Buddah 
The Caledonian Club Caledonian Club
The Hurlingham Club Hurlingham Club
Les Ambassadeurs Club and Casino Les Ambassadeurs
Brighton Jazz Club Brighton Jazz Club
Vendome Mayfair Vendome Mayfair
Oceana Oceana Club
Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound
Spearmint Rhino Spearmint Rhino
The Casino at the Empire The Casino at the Empire
Proud Camden Proud Camden