Pyramid Patio Heater

Tall, handsome and highly sought-after a pyramid patio heater is a beautiful addition to any tasteful outdoor setting and the Athena Plus+ is the original pyramid patio heater redesigned to increase efficiency and durability.

It’s difficult to imagine a more dramatic outdoor feature than a pyramid flame patio heater their futuristic shape and tall, flickering flame gives them an almost mesmeric quality.

Should you need more reasons to fall for these burning beauties, read on to find out more about some of the major benefits they contribute to your outdoor space.

What are the benefits of the Athena Plus+ pyramid patio heater?

Superbly stylish

Pyramid gas heaters are no ordinary model of gas heater. With their streamlined aesthetic and tall, powerful flame, they really stand out.

Our Athena Plus+ pyramid patio heater is made from commercial grade 304 stainless steel with enhanced powder coated grills which makes it highly resistant to corrosion, sturdy and durable when moved from setting to setting in your garden, patio or outdoor area. Time after time, it will remain in splendid condition.

Safe and secure

Standing on four sturdy supporting legs which extend to form the base to the very top, a pyramid garden heater is one of the most stable types of gas patio heaters you can buy.

Its streamlined shape makes it less susceptible to blowing over in windy confitions, and the sturdy footprint can provide a more secure footing on your patio than cylinder-based models.

In the unlikely event that it did fall over, our Athena Plus+ pyramid heater features an anti-tilt safety cut-off that reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Light through the night

With the Athena Plus+ stainless steel patio heater it's possible to light up and heat your outdoor area for a full 16 hours using a single 13kg canister of gas and its class leading burner design.

Unlike more fuel-hungry models or imitations, you will be able to enjoy the Athena Plus+ more often from the very start to the very end of your party or function without the need to rush around replacing canisters.

Athena top burner
Commercial grade stainless steel make the Heat Outdoors Athena Plus+ a pyramid patio heater which is a cut above the competition
The Athena Plus+ comes with sturdy wheels
The Athena Plus+ comes with sturdy wheels for easily maneuvering it into and out of place where and whenever you need.