Horse Solarium

Heat Outdoors solarium heaters offer the perfect way to provide a full horse solarium in the space you already have avaiable. Our quality IP rated infrared heaters can be positioned in any stable or wash area and allow you to have the horse solarium quality without needing a dedicated building or worrying about water damage.

Infrared light is nothing like harmful ultra-violet waves and horses cannot ‘tan’ or be harmed in any way from Heat Outdoors products. Furthermore there are no fumes or odours meaning horses grow to appreciate and seek their comfort as they are turned on due to the fact the heat feels completely natural and comfortable – identical to the feel of warm sunshine but in the comfort of the solarium.

Heat Outdoors equestrian heaters are completely water and dust proof as well as easy to install with amazingly low running costs, meaning your solarium doesn't have to cost a small fortune.

professional recommended layout

Watch the video below to find out more...