COVID-19 Updates (11/5/2021)        Operating hours  |  Delivery Delays

COVID-19 Update

As currently highlighted in the press, Patio Heaters are in especially high demand at the moment.

As the UK’s No.1 provider, we are pleased to reassure you that our factories are working at full capacity to ensure a steady supply of heaters throughout the colder months ahead.

Due to the extreme time demands placed upon our team, we have had to restrict our telephone operation hours from 9.00AM until 5.00PM to allow for us to catch up on order processing and administration.

We apologise that it is taking longer than normal for us to answer queries, however, please rest assured that every one of our customers is incredibly important to us and we will reply to all your enquiries.

Steve & Heat Outdoors Team

Delivery Updates

Heat Outdoors are proud to carry the biggest range of quality patio heaters in the UK.

Due to the many issues in the UK’s ports, but especially at Felixstowe, we are experiencing increasing delays having our stock containers offloaded from their ships and delivered to our warehouses.

Some shipments originally expected in November and December were delayed but are now arriving at our warehouse over the next week or so.

We understand our customers frustrations, especially those who have pre-ordered against expected delivery dates, and can only apologies and promise we will do all we can to have your Shadow heaters with you at the very earliest opportunity.

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